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The Art of Scalability: Scalable Web Architecture, Processes, and Organizations for the Modern Enterprise

The Art of Scalability
The Art of Scalability: Scalable Web Architecture, Processes, and Organizations for the Modern Enterprise
Martin L. Abbott (Auteur), Michael T. Fisher (Auteur)

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Description du produit

i?{1/2}??This book is much more than you may think it is. Scale is not just about designing Web sites that doni?{1/2}??t crash when lots of users show up. It is about designing your company so that it doesni?{1/2}??t crash when your business needs to grow. These guys have been there on the front lines of some of the most successful Internet companies of our time, and they share the good, the bad, and the ugly about how to not just survive, but thrive.i?{1/2}??

i?{1/2}??Marty Cagan, Founder, Silicon Valley Product Group

i?{1/2}??A must read for anyone building a Web service for the mass market.i?{1/2}??

i?{1/2}??Dana Stalder, General Partner, Matrix Partners

i?{1/2}??Abbott and Fisher have deep experiences with scale in both large and small enterprises. Whati?{1/2}??s unique about their approach to scalability is they start by focusing on the true foundation: people and process, without which true scalability cannot be built. Abbott and Fisher leverage their years of experience in a very accessible and practical approach to scalability that has been proven over time with their significant success.i?{1/2}??

i?{1/2}??Geoffrey Weber, VP of Internet Operations/IT, Shutterfly

i?{1/2}??If I wanted the best diagnoses for my health I would go to the Mayo Clinic. If I wanted the best diagnoses for my portfolio companiesi?{1/2}?? performance and scalability I would call Martin and Michael. They have recommended solutions to performance and scalability issues that have saved some of my companies from a total rewrite of the system.i?{1/2}??

i?{1/2}??Warren M. Weiss, General Partner, Foundation Capital

i?{1/2}??As a manager who worked under Michael Fisher and Marty Abbott during my time at PayPal/eBay, the opportunity to directly absorb the lessons and experiences presented in this book are invaluable to me now working at Facebook.i?{1/2}??

i?{1/2}??Yishan Wong, Director of Engineering, Facebook


"The Art of Scalability is by far the best book on scalability on the market today. The authors tackle the issues of scalability from processes, to people, to performance, to the highly technical. Whether your organization is just starting out and is defining processes as you go, or you are a mature organization, this is the ideal book to help you deal with scalability issues before, during, or after an incident. Having built several projects, programs, and companies from small to significant scale, I can honestly say I wish I had this book one, five, and ten years ago.i?{1/2}??

i?{1/2}??Jeremy Wright, CEO, b5media, Inc.

i?{1/2}??Only a handful of people in the world have experienced the kind of growth-related challenges that Fisher and Abbott have seen at eBay, PayPal, and the other companies theyi?{1/2}??ve helped to build. Fewer still have successfully overcome such challenges. The Art of Scalability provides a great summary of lessons learned while scaling two of the largest internet companies in the history of the space, and iti?{1/2}??s a must-read for any executive at a hyper-growth company. Whati?{1/2}??s more, iti?{1/2}??s well-written and highly entertaining. I couldni?{1/2}??t put it down.i?{1/2}??

i?{1/2}??Kevin Fortuna, Partner, AKF Consulting

i?{1/2}??Marty and Mikei?{1/2}??s book covers all the bases, from understanding how to build a scalable organization to the processes and technology necessary to run a highly scalable architecture. They have packed in a ton of great practical solutions from real world experiences. This book is a must-read for anyone having difficulty managing the scale of a hyper-growth company or a startup hoping to achieve hyper growth.i?{1/2}??

i?{1/2}??Tom Keeven, Partner, AKF Consulting

i?{1/2}??The Art of Scalability is remarkable in its wealth of information and clarity; the authors provide novel, practical, and demystifying approaches to identify, predict, and resolve scalability problems before they surface. Marty Abbott and Michael Fisher use their rich experience and vision, providing unique and groundbreaking tools to assist small and hyper-growth organizations as they maneuver in todayi?{1/2}??s demanding technological environments.i?{1/2}??

i?{1/2}??Joseph M. Potenza, Attorney, Banner & Witcoff, Ltd.

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